You are on the internet, which is undoubtedly something which defines you lol.

here’s the page where i, steste, a serious punk, will post weekly church reviews. here’s how it works: i go to a church on sunday morning. i write a review. this is all for an eventual physical real shit zine, but in the meantime, and to save trees (jk) this is a thing.

brief background info: me and my friend jess had for a while been discussing the idea of going to all the crazy churches together. about a month ago we took the plunge. while jess does help give me by offering great writing advice, the reviews come from my brain and hands. i’ve got a bummer of a catholic heritage which is at least redeeming in its source of endless rage against christianity, which is both a nice barrier against insanity, and a beautiful way to construct an identity. nevertheless, this project doesn’t set out to be a vengeful pile of acid to be thrown in the many faces of christianity. it seems to me that just describing it is as effective in exposing their terrifying mountains of willful ignorance, astronomical stupidity, and cowardice. i’m not a frothing at the mouth atheist at all. i’m an agnostic because i don’t care about divinity at all.

i try to go to church every week, ideally with friends, and that’s more or less the extent of the project.

currently i have a flu and am eating ramen, very slowly, and my mind is barely functioning.

when i got home yesterday i think it was, my friends had left a gift for me on my desk. it was water blessed by the no-joke-pope-himself. there’s a little pope thing made out of metal glued onto the tiny ass bottle. it’s very pretty.

enjoy the blog and write to me at stephanemdc@hotmail.com or twitter me (?) at @wolseleypunklol