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The Mondragon Cafe and Bookstore closed last month, and you can no longer satisfy your need to buy issue one of wholly shit by visiting them. But other interesting paths to financial success have opened for the wholly shit empire.

The perhaps most well-known source for rambly young people self-publishing regrettable material (Microcosm Publishing, http://microcosmpublishing.com/) is now carrying my contribution to said dubious tradition. They’re from the states, so it’s maybe not the best for postage prices. You can always contact me directly if you somehow want a copy.

If you know of a place in winnipeg where they might want to sell this piece of junk with all these bad words on the front and back covers, let me know, i’d love to spread the word. the news. the good news. the raw uncompromising journalism.

RIP Mondragon. 

Also, look for a little exposé on this project i wrote for the coming issue of The Fifth Estate (http://www.fifthestate.org/), a magazine of radical culture and politics published in the states. Also, I got interviewed by this guy Aaron Epp for “Christian Week”, and provided the editorial board there is not too fascistic (haha) they’ll publish his story soon, i imagine.

Ok that’s it. Bye for now.