i was not born a punk.

hatred of god had to be nurtured by many things growing up, including being forced to go to catholic church every sunday till i was about 16. now, at 25, that dry spell has ended and i return – with a vengeance.

me and different assortments of friends go to a different church every week. i take notes and write a review of it.

warning: at this point i don’t really care what people ‘believe’, it’s not really their beliefs that have an effect on those around them, it’s obvz their actions. yeayea i know, cliche as fux. i don’t really have a fuckin opinion about metaphysical perspectives, so i’m not trying to prove that i’m right about anything. i guess you could say i’m a hostile agnostic or w/e, or an angry sceptic, which some would argue contradicts the previous sentence’s assertion. i am not a rational-scientific-atheist. all i mean is i’m not there to debate metaphysics, only to report their end result in what i hope to be its most material and otherwise social aspects.


24 thoughts on “About WHOLLY SHIT”

  1. "Walter White" said:

    I would LOVE it if you came to my church for a review. Would you come if I didn’t didn’t tell a soul about it? Or maybe I could give you the website in a private email and you could come whenever and I won’t even know. I’m not the pastor by the way, just a guy that wants the best for his community. It would be great to hear an honest outside view so we would know how we are really coming across and not just assuming/hoping for the best.

    If you email me, I will send you the link. I rather not give it on here just in case someone from my church sees it.

  2. Go to an Eastern Orthodox Church

  3. You should come to Winkler.

  4. Uh ya… I’d totally back up the comment you should go to Winkler. Buckle of the bible belt… if you check out Pembina Valley Baptist.. you might get lucky and see/hear some crazy shit.

    • I know this is old but I just came across this. I moved to Winkler not long ago n was searching for different churches n came across this blog.. Are you saying there’s no good churches around here?

  5. thanks for the suggestions. i will try and check these out.

  6. you should eat shit and die worthless waste of oxygen

    • i have a tattoo that says “eat shit” on it. then it has “piss god” then “vomit christ” with a pentagram and two upside down crosses in the middle. I sorta thought “piss christ” was a bit too obvious a reference, plus there’s a punk band from australia with that name, and you know how fickle and ever-changing musical tastes are. And for sure i thought “vomit christ” had a good ring to it. And of course lol.

  7. I’m a writer in Winnipeg and I’d like to write an article about you and your blog for one of the publications I work for. Is there an email address or phone number I can reach you at?

  8. fdgfg sadgg said:

    ste, Can you go to some jewish temples and mosques too? the mosques probably wont let you in during the service but the temples will.

  9. klneedham said:

    So, I am a pastor — though not in the city — and I am fascinated by your posts in your blog. And I have a question. If a church were actually going to reach out to you, what would that church have to do? I am guessing that there are thousands out there like yourself, who are angry at God, angry at the Church, hateful toward the entire Jesus thing. So I am curious, where has the church let you down, ticked you off, turned you off; or is it just a philosophical thing, that you don’t believe, and you believe that believers are assinine?

    • It’s neither. It’s funny that you made two options! As to your earlier question, I am not sure what you mean “if a church were actually going to reach out to you?” Do you mean “If a church wanted you to join/convert?” Your question is very unclear.

      • klneedham said:

        Sorry about the lack of clarity. You ask a good question, about reaching out. Forced me to think about what I was meaning. So, here is a question which might be a little more clear: The church is to be about showing the love of God for the world. By the world, there, I mean people like yourself, who are hostilely opposed to Him. Therefore, how are we to do that, show the love of God, and the love of Christ to you? It does not appear as if you were able to see that when you were growing up as a Catholic.

        As to my apparent either or question, I was not intending to give only two options, but to provide two of a whole host of possible options. I was trying to give one side of a spectrum and then what might be the opposite side of the spectrum, imagining in my mind a pendulum swinging over the possible responses..

        Hope this helps to add a little more clarity.

  10. Well, i gotta say that i didn’t start this blog to debate this sort of shit, so hopefully people don’t start bouncing this type of shit off me anymore. I don’t want to debate shit with christians.
    I don’t believe in god so there’s no way to “show the love of christ to [me]” because christ’s “love isn’t something that happens in my world. That whole debate happens in your head and between those of you who go for that horseshit.
    In psychoanalytical terms you’ve constructed a “Big Other” on whose behalf you’re acting because you need a justification. I know it’s more complicated than that, that’s just where i’m at in my brain right now.
    Essentially your question is besides the point for me. You have an external justification for your acting on the world. Fine. Don’t be a douchebag now. Often trying to convert people to christianity has been solely the business of fuckin assholes, so try and not be one please. i think you’ll find it harder than you think.
    I guess that’s what i think about that. sorry.

    • klneedham said:

      If you do not want to debate, then I will not try to debate you. I read your column, and your posts because I want to — I need to — understand why it is that so many of our young people have left the church. It seems as if you do not have faith, that you believe that Christ is a fantasy, a construct that we religious have constructed up in our brains. That is an honest opinion, and I respect you for it.

      I just find it fascinating that you could have something so intensely that actually doesn’t exist. I am not criticizing you here; it just seems to me that an atheistic position has to presuppose in the first place the thing that you actually deny. I am aware that Frued, Jung, and others have little use for the Christian religion. But it is the pushback that puzzles me. If it is just nonsense, why fight it? It is like trying to fight Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or something.

      Anyway, I am going to continue to check back in here from time to time. I do appreciate your honesty; though I have to admit that I have to wade deep through the colorful language. Have a great day; and I would say “God bless;” however, to you that would be simply more mindless muddle.

  11. klneedham said:

    I meant to write “I find it fascinating that you could hate something so intensely that actually doesn’t exist. Sorry; I failed proofreading 101.

  12. Klneedham, seriously? All you religious folk are the same. The Church and your social clubs you promote as church are not the same. All you people playing church is what’s ruining The Gospel. You fuck up people so bad with all your man made theologies and bible witchcraft and then wonder what happened to peoples faith.
    You USE God and the scriptures to put people into bondage to your religious organizations and make merchandise of people. And then you have the nerve to ask what you could do to reach people? Typical protestant, more then likely evangelical. You guys are even more fucked up then the catholics but think you’re better.
    Religion is a tool of the devil. Jesus did not come to start another religion. Being a servant of Jesus is NOT a religion. But man has made it out to be.
    The really fucked up part is that hirelings now have their goats convinced that their not religious. 90 percent of christians are going to hell. You’d do well to mind your own salvation before inviting others to your social club. Just cause you copy and paste or stamp “Jesus” on something, it doesn’t make it so.
    The Gospel is very simple, The Word is very simple, it’s Jesus. No money in that though, that’s why douches be complicating it.

    It’s sad how you are all Paulians who twist his testimony to justify yourselves, denying Jesus and teaching and imposing all the things that Paul counted as SHIT compared to the revelation of Christ. Fuckin hypocrites, all of you churchianity, bible thumping fools.

  13. klneedham said:

    Sorry, been a little delayed in checking in with you. You state that the Gospel is very simple; it is Jesus. Yet, Jesus is not as simple as you make him out to be. Jesus is actually quite complex; there is a whole theological debate that goes under the name of “Searching for the historical Jesus.” So, which Jesus are you advocating? I am guessing it must not be the Jesus who said that it was upon the rock of Peter’s confession that He would one day build his church.

    You seem to think that being a Christian is sort of like living on an island. There should be no community, no congregation, no assembly, no “social club,” no “organization.” Yet, I would argue that Jesus came to teach us how to properly live in community. The greatest commandment, according to Jesus, has to do with God; we are to love God above everything else that we have. The second commandment has to do with community; we are to love neighbor to the same extant that we love ourselves. The loving of neighbor has to be done in community; for it is only in community that we run into the neighbor or have anything to do with him at all, much less learn how to love.

    You are correct that Paul valued the revelation of Christ. But if you read through the book of Ephesians, Paul says that the mystery is that God is revealing the mystery of Jesus through the manifestation of Jesus that is being revealed through the church. Ephesians 3:8-10 says that Paul was given a special grace “to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all thing by Jesus Christ: to the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in the heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God.”

    Paul wraps up this chapter in a benediction, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding above all that we ask and think, according to the power that works in us, unto him by glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”

    Christ is pictures as a body throughout Paul’s writings, a body composed of believers who are incorporated into him through baptism into him via their faith. This is the body of Christ in the world; it is the Jesus that is presented in the Gospel, that Gospel which you say is simple (and I agree), and yet while is also immensely complex. And it is not money that motivates us to maintain the Gospel in all its complexity, it is rather our integrity, as we have been entrusted with the Gospel of Christ and we are charged to make it manifest with integrity.

  14. Allt hose who belong to Christ are The Church. Here you are again trying to link link organized religion to The body of Christ.
    A neighbour is not one who is in our “community” a neighbour as Jesus pointed out in the good samaritan parable is, who ever is in our view where ever we might be. The good samaritan was from the town where he helped the man who was left for dead.

    Jesus IS more then complex. He IS The Truth and ALL Truth IS contained IN Him, but getting to know Him is quite simple. It doesn’t involve bible reading or organized religion attendance. All one needs to do is have faith and pray. Jesus Himself will teach and lead them from there.

    Jesus came to teach us that He IS the way, the truth and the life. Jesus came to do the will of His Father. All the other stuff you claim is just your opinion.
    You seem to think that Saul is Jesus.

    • How can one come to know Jesus apart from His word? Jesus said, “The words which I have spoken to you; they are Spirit and they are life.” It is true that Jesus has given believers His Spirit and the Spirit guides us into all truth. But Jesus indicates that the Spirit will reveal to us what He has already spoken to us. So, then, apart from the word of God, which is all of the Scripture — all are profitable for teaching and training in righteousness — we know nothing other than our own misguided imagination.

  15. PS. klneedham and Keith are the same person.

  16. kind-of said:

    if it was 2017 and u had a kind of moslem gf would u marry her if there was tons of weed and pistachios at the wedding?

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